The Way To Make A WordPress Internet Site – Step-through-step Guide For Novices

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Trying to parent out how to create a website? Today you may find out!

An smooth step-by-step internet site setup guide written by way of internet developers who have created masses of websites and helped heaps of others to create their personal website.

6 motives why you’ll love this incredible internet site setup manual:


This manual could be very designated, complete and smooth to observe even if you’re now not tech-savvy.


This manual is up to date weekly to hold up with the cutting-edge net design traits.

Fast Setup

Within an hour your internet site could be up and running and is going to be responsive and cellular-friendly.


Your website will be based on the right platform and within the proper manner.

Guaranteed Results

We guarantee that by using the give up of this guide you’ll have a running website

Free Support

We are open for questions. Drop a remark under together with your question and we are able to be glad to assist

At Colorlib we spend a awesome deal of time reviewing products and providing good studying content for our readership. Many of them are acquainted with the workings of a internet site strolling on WordPress. This manual is intended to assist each person who is creating their first website, in all likelihood with WordPress. It’s the platform we recommend and use for our website.

A step-through-step tutorial – we start off with locating the right content control gadget, selecting a site call, then the proper net hosting carrier, adding the proper issues, plugins and customizing your site’s appearance. By the time you are finished with this a way to make a WordPress internet site for novices guide you’ll have a complete-fledged website ready to go!

This guide incorporates three simple and clean-to-follow steps:


Choose the proper platform to your internet site


Choose the proper internet site name (area) and website hosting

STEP three

Configure your newly created WordPress internet site

Choose the proper platform in your websiteWhat is a Content Management System?

A content control device (CMS) in simple terms, is a platform of types or a mechanism which allows you to create your content material and put up it on a internet site. Let’s say that it is a coat hanger stand with the coat being your content material.

It is software program this is installed for your host’s server. Your host company will probable have a one click set up manner to help you get your CMS established. Once it’s far set up, you can log in on your web site because the admin and upload pix, textual content and different content material. You can use the content material you’ve brought to create blog posts and different kinds of content material like a product web page or show a piece portfolio to your website.

A CMS is way extra than just a means to an cease, you could deploy a subject matter which is a modified template to suit the precise niche and motive of your website. With the template delivered, you can customize the advent of your site. You can upload plugins to add feature to your web page, as an example a social sharing plugin to assist spread the word approximately your web page via social networks.

All of this and greater may be finished with a Content Management System.

Which CMS is pleasant for you?

An vast majority of web sites use WordPress. The different two options that lag manner at the back of in assessment to WordPress (actually in recognition) are Joomla and Drupal.


The ideal alternative for someone who’s creating his or her first website. It has substantial scalability and works properly with low and medium site visitors websites. We acquire 1.5 million perspectives each month and we run WordPress, so that gives you an concept of what medium visitors constitutes in case you were thinking. Even large websites which includes TIME Magazine, CNN, TED, Techcrunch, NBC and others use WordPress to server tens of millions of pageviews each day.

WordPress has a first-rate range of points that can be made in prefer of its use.

Easy To Install: Most website hosting services have one click on installation alternatives for WordPress given the wide variety of individuals who use it.

Strong Community & Open Source: It is free and used by a whole lot of humans. There are a plethora of unfastened issues and plugins that you can leverage for your web page. Apart from the freebies, premium subject matters and plugins are cheap and come with wonderful help services from their providers. If you ever have a doubt or a problem a simple Google seek can answer your question. If fact, I’ll move so far as to mention you’ll find the answer on your doubts spoke back by using the first three consequences of a Google search. A sturdy community will resource on your WordPress initiation manner have to you ever come upon any hiccups. And you could constantly drop your feedback here both Aigars or me will make sure to respond to the at the earliest possibility.

Ideal For Non tech savvy on line entrepreneurs: Most of the products associated with WordPress, inclusive of subject matters and plugins are pretty truthful and intuitive to apply. Installing a Content Management System like WordPress is only the first step of the system, there is a good deal greater to website advent past that. Like WordPress which is simple to install and configure, the gear which you’ll require to make your website entire are easy to address.

Two no longer so quite favorable things approximately WordPress

One downside of WordPress, it can come to be unwieldy if your website grows a long way too large and receives an vast quantity of each day site visitors. The fee of your hosting goes up. But we are talking approximately site visitors inside the order of tens of millions here and it isn’t some thing you need to allow bother you for now.

Another capacity hassle is the fine of free plugins and issues. While maximum are precise and have pretty excessive security requirements, you’d have to be cautious of unknown 1/3 celebration plugins. WordPress is a stable platform out the field, but adding 1/3 birthday party software at the same time as exercising negative judgement is a terrible idea. That being stated safety vulnerabilities are generally fixed as soon as they’re detected.

As you can see WordPress is with the aid of some distance the maximum popular content material management gadget and is utilized by 65% CMS powered websites worldwide.

The thing you want to recognise is all CMSs have one drawback or the other. And for a new net admin, WordPress is the exceptional way to head! But I’ll talk approximately Drupal and Joomla, all the identical. You should virtually be privy to them, need to you decide to replace your CMS at a later point in time. And it’ll additionally tell you why perhaps Joomla and Drupal aren’t satisfactory applicable to the desires of beginner.


Unlike WordPress, Drupal isn’t always too well applicable for the technically inept or a primary time website developer. Drupal is an open source CMS and is largely utilized by large businesses with extensive web sites and excessive visitors loads. It has its own customization opportunities with topics and plugins created to feature value to Drupal sites. Drupal web sites are a piece quicker and little much less taxing at the host’s server resources.

But in case you’re new to web development, it isn’t for you. Why? It is extra complicated than it desires to be to fulfill your requirements. It is designed for complex, great websites with excessive traffic masses, which your new website will now not be to begin with. Given that, there’s no need to feature to the difficulty of the website creation method unnecessarily.  And except, you can continually transfer to Drupal at a later date.


Open source and free like the previoussystems. It is a tad better than the alternativewhen it comes to developing a network of users (like a small social community or tight knit community in your readers) and is some distance greater amenable to growing social web sites with a number of interaction and engagement from customers. It is simpler to address than Drupal and offers extra than WordPress in phrases of overall performance and tweakability.

And again my motives are the equal for no longer recommending it for you, pointless hardship which you do now not need.

WordPress – Probably the fine option for you!

If you’re starting off with a brand new area name without a visitors so to speak of, you are better off with WordPress. It is pretty clean to use, it’s far unfastened and springs with an sizable range of top rate excellent loose subject matters and plugins. The value of hosting is low and lots of hosts offer for clean one click installation of WordPress. And due to the fact a growing percentage of online entrepreneurs do now not recognise a way to software in HTML, CSS and PHP, WordPress is the quality desire as it offers incredible customizability even to WordPress novices.

Click here to summarize, why WordPress is the great desire, in case you nonetheless harbour any lingering doubts. (Optional)

Free – Who isn’t happy approximately this?

Strong Community – Someone to reply your questions, if it isn’t answered on the loads of niche WordPress websites first of all.

Frequently Updated Platform – Updates are vital (Fix insects, security, continuously enhancing features and overall performance and ensure compatibility with all WordPress merchandise)

A host of subject matters and plugins which are loose – Keep expenses low.

Excellent options for top rate plugins and themes – That little more at an inexpensive price.

Easy to use and amateur friendly – Designed for you and non programmers.

Secure platform out of box – Important for sales producing websites

Scalable for medium traffic – For when you develop fast and want to accommodate extra traffic.

Multiple alternatives for website hosting which include controlled web hosting services (Managed website hosting – You focus on content material, your host looks after the whole thing else)

Wealth of alternatives for running site backups – Site Backups are a huge deal and extremely important for medium visitors web sites, it ensures minimal downtime in case your web page need to ever be hacked.

Do not get pressured with, that’s a weblog website online built with WordPress. What you are building here is a in preference to And in case you do now not recognise the variations among the 2, please read

Now which you have chosen the first-rate platform for your internet site you can proceed with the following step.

Choose the proper internet site call (domain) and website hosting

Before you choose a website name, you’ll want be sure of the area of interest you’d like to concentrate on. Selecting a spot place to cognizance on, is an critical task in and of itself. To create a revenue generating website it is important that you research the goal key-word pool and the area of interest it’s far derived from. For the time being, simply make sure it is some thing you want and are genuinely captivated with. And make sure that you have affordable expertise inside the challenge count concerned.

You can literally sign in any available (not registered yet) area name but here is some thing I advise:

Business internet site – If you’re making a website to your commercial enterprise it would be fine to pick a domain call that is your organization name or logo. An example domain call could be or

Personal internet site – If it is going to be your private website it’d be fantastic to go with com

Hobby internet site – The sky’s the restriction 🙂

Most popular domains extensions (the stop part of internet site deal with, like .com) are .com, .org, .internet, however in latest years a big amount of latest area extensions had been delivered (Wikipedia). Now you can sign up crazy domain names inclusive of, YourCompanyName.inexperienced, or

However, to your first internet site I advocate to stay with .com, .net and .org. New area extensions haven’t long gone mainstream but and may confuse your visitors. Even a few social networks, offerings and apps have problems displaying these new domains that’s why I advice to avoid them, as a minimum for now.

Choosing The Right Domain Name

The next step in our process involves selecting a website call. A area call is essentially the URL one sorts into a browser’s address bar to go to a specific website.

Getting the right domain name is vital. A few things you want to keep in thoughts whilst considering domain name selections.

Short – Shorter names work better when it comes to remembrance and are smooth to kind as nicely.

Brandable – Remember your domain also runs in your brand, make certain it isn’t memorable for all the wrong motives.

Memorable – People overlook easily, give you a call that first time visitors on your site are in all likelihood to don’t forget.

Catchy – You want a website call that rolls off the tongue and describes what you do.

Easy to kind.

Includes keyword (optionally available) – Identify the proper key phrases or mixture of keywords. The nearer your area call is in your website online’s area of interest, the better for seo (search engine marketing)

Niche specific (optionally available) – If you’re writing a internet site about a selected niche test if there are popular abbreviations that you can use. For example, in WordPress there are many surprisingly ranked websites with “wp” as a part of their call., a controlled hosting provider for WordPress.

Funny domain call mistakes

Here are a few domains a person have registered without realizing what a large mistake they have made: – Speed of Art – Choose Spain – Go Tahoe

Click right here to study superior tips about domain names (Optional)

1. Now to get yourself a site, you need a site registrar. A domain registrar is largely someone or an organization that reserves your proper to apply a site for a given time frame. Normally net web hosting organizations carry out the feature of a domain registrar similarly to being an internet web hosting carrier provider. So you do no longer ought to be concerned with this mainly as your web hosting carrier will also play the function of domain registrar.

This option is high-quality if you have multiple domains and have a tendency to replace your web hosting company regularly. Not that we would advocate it but it does occur. Also it’s miles more steady to keep your website hosting separated from domain registrar. In case your hosting bills receives compromised hackers won’t get access in your area.

2. If you are distinctly confident of your potential to generate revenue, you might don’t forget buying a domain call that has been parked by way of a person else. For numerous motives, now and again the top class you turn out to be buying a site name can be properly well worth the price. You should purchase domain names on or however take into account this accurately, we wouldn’t need you to pay a hefty price handiest to find out that the area name isn’t worth it later.


You truly have two options in relation to hosting issuer kinds endorsed for WordPress inexperienced persons.

Shared Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

I do not suggest whatever apart from a shared hosting plan for first time webmasters. All other types of website hosting that you may have heard of like Virtual Private Hosting (requires reasonable technical recognise how), managed WordPress web hosting (too high-priced) won’t be the right preference on your first website. As your expertise and business grows you might take into account VPS or fully controlled WordPress website hosting but let’s go away that for another put up.

Shared website hosting is the way to head and later we will communicate approximately upgrading your host. We’ve endorsed two shared web hosting offerings and have additionally brought difficult installation tactics for WordPress with each of them. Both web hosting companies offers area registration and website hosting and that’s precisely what we need to create an great internet site.


To make WordPress set up procedure simpler we’ve created a short video as a way to guide you via installation procedure. We might acquire a fee if you decided to buy through these links.

Click here to go to Bluehost and proceed with your first website setup.

If you had a few problems know-how setup process mentioned in video you could comply with steps underneath.

Choose the proper website hosting web page. I’d suggest the starter bundle. It offers masses of speed, overall performance, capability and garage to your first website. You can upgrade your web hosting plan as your internet site grows>

You may be caused to select a website call as you may see in instance under. Double check your area name to avoid typos.

And on the next displays, input your non-public statistics and credit score card information. And whole payment.

In Bluehost cPanel (management panel), find a button which says Install WordPress

Click on a inexperienced Install button to continue with WordPress installation

Now pick out in case you need to apply your website with or without “www.” at the front of your internet site call ( or If you could’t decide you could leave it as is. It may be effortlessly changed afterwards.

The details for the WordPress installation like e mail ID, username and password can be set. And tick all the essential situations under a licence settlement.

And installation.

Once installation is complete you will see a clean message on top pronouncing “Your Install is Complete!” and button pronouncing “View Credentials”

By clicking on that button you will be despatched to a page where you may be capable of discover your newly established WordPress login credentials.

Now you can login to your internet site by means of clicking hyperlink that says

SiteGroud’s shared hosting plan has a similar, similarly easy to use WordPress set up and domain registration system. The web site asks you whether or not you have got a domain name or want to sign up one, in our case because you are creating your first web site you want to register a domain.

SiteGround vs BlueHost

Really every person’s select, I endorse which you have a look at each and determine based on which ever domain registration and WordPress installation method appears simpler. But personally, I experience it doesn’t count a lot and you shouldn’t worry an excessive amount of over which of the two web hosting offerings to go with.

If you’d like a miles more intricate listing of shared website hosting carrier carriers, take a look at out our WordPress hosting guide.

Now that your domain is registered, website hosting paid for and your WordPress installed. What’s subsequent?

Configure your newly created WordPress websiteWordPress Admin Screens

Go to

Type inside the username and password you formerly entered during the WordPress set up system.

Your WordPress admin menu is available on the left side of the screen. Allowing your cursor to linger over them will open sub menus.












That is lots of stuff which you cope with. But I’ve promised to get your website up and walking. So for the purposes of this publish I will now not be talking approximately Settings, Tools, Users or Your Dashboard.

I will talk about the rest of the menu options which can be a part of your WordPress menu. Let’s get began.

Customizing your website online’s Appearance and activating a WordPress Theme

Themes (Appearances > Themes)Open Appearances > Themes. From right here on have a look at the heading of every subsection when you have doubts with reference to accessing a specific a part of the WordPress menu from the admin display screen.

And click on at the “Add New” button on the top. And pick from one of the topics displayed or search for a specific topic. For a listing of high-quality free issues you should test this page.

Install a brand new topic that you fancy and activate it.

The subsequent element involves customization of a subject matter. You can access this below from Appearance > Customize. You can do a number of of factors in your site’s look from here. But that’s not the crux of this submit, a topic is enough to start a website.

Widgets (Appearances > Widgets)

Widgets are preset modules or pieces of code that upload to a positive function so that you can prove beneficial in your internet site in some capacity or the other. Your sidebars, footers and headers may be loaded with widgets.

As you could see inside the above screenshot, there 6 widgets in the sidebar.  These widgets include a search bar, a recent posts widget, current comments, records, categories and meta. Then you could see 4 footer areas wherein you can upload widgets simply the equal. The quantity of footer, header and sidebar regions available to you depends on the topic you’re the usage of.

Widgets aren’t plugins, but they are small chunks of code that add a piece of characteristic. Sometimes it could help with navigation, occasionally with social media, you can even use to feature HTML to a textual content widget if you want to feature as coded to achieve this. So widgets are a very beneficial device but you need to analyze a piece approximately them before you could use them to the fullest.

Menus (Appearances > Menu)

Menus are an exceedingly critical for any internet site. They provide a method to navigate your website and its content material. After all, what’s the point in growing charming content material in case your vacationer can’t locate it easily in your website online. Bad menus and navigation can cause a excessive bounce charge (the variety of visitors as a percent who leave your web site after just viewing just one page).

You may also have visible websites with menus at the pinnacle or the side and even at the bottom. We can do all of this.

You’d want to consist of pages like “About”, “Blog”, “Contact” and “Our Services” as a part of your primary menu. Any web page you’d like displayed in your menu can be delivered. The variety of menus and their placement in your site depends in your WordPress subject matter.

You can add all the stuff which you see on the left to the menu ranging from pages to merchandise as part of your menu. Again what you could include as part of the menu depends in your WordPress theme.

A proper menu,

Is concise and minimal.

It is a illustration of all of your web site’s offerings.

Very intuitive to apply and maneuver around your site.

Keep that in mind and also you should be exceptional.

Background (Appearances > Background)

Many website pick out to have plain single color heritage and I am large fan of that.

The Colorlib weblog has a undeniable white historical past and it continues matters simple. But the homepage of the website online is pretty awesome with a red historical past and our tagline.

Websites which can be media heavy, examples could consist of photography web sites or portfolio web sites have wonderful backgrounds. If you want your website to send across a effective visual cue for your target market use a effective history picture. Else you can surely choose a plain shade that’s suitable for any weblog that emphasizes clarity.

A historical past have to now not be careworn with a slider picture which is essentially a continuously converting photo that moves throughout or your display screen or changes with fancy animation.

Adding New Plugins (Plugins > Add New)

Plugins are a scripts or portions of code written to perform a totally precise feature or set of capabilities for your website.

A simple example might be social sharing plugin, it helps share your content across extraordinary social platforms and allows get the word out that your content is incredible. Similarly, people have advanced plugins for seo, security purposes, creating and retaining a portfolio of photographs, to create contact paperwork, for caching the list is infinite.

If you need to study an in depth listing of plugins that we assume is absolutely essential, read this complete listing of essential plugins.

Adding Pages (Pages > Add New)

Pages on a internet site assist divide your internet site right into a requisite range of pieces to offer the one of a kind sections of your web page’s content. Pages are to topics like widgets are to plugins. With pages you can create particular template patterns that may be referred to as on command for one of a kind purposes that require the same or comparable layout. Pages are greater than posts and are used for unique purposes to your web page. You can create pages specially to cater to the requirements of a Contact Us Page or possibly create landing web page.

And you’re greeted with the aid of a New Page, which you may now refill. From this new display, you could create a brand new web page and assign web page attributes.

If you both need to create a template which you’re likely to use frequently or want to recreate a section of your site for a specific motive, creating a web page is the manner to go.

Comments (Access from WordPress menu)

Websites need readers to make them successful. Comments are a very effective way to set up a extraordinary debate in your website and this best similarly adds cost on your web page. Hardly, one percent of the site visitors that visits your site will ever remark. And that is assuming that the content material is exquisite initially. Driving interaction with passive readers for your website is tough and takes time and effort.

A super post with a pre-current comment records allows your web page get hold of greater feedback. Aigars wrote an amazing publish on Colorlib a while returned, yet till this present day it still continues receiving comments and is still a extraordinary source of visitors.

And take into account, WordPress permits you to hyperlink your web page while you comment on some other character’s blog. And this may send traffic your way, in case you play your cards right and make true attempts to provide some thing constructive. For this same cause, many human beings will depart their feedback for your blog as properly.

If I feel your content material is awesome and a particular post which you’ve written is excellent, then I’ll almost bounce on the chance to leave my remark first and quality anyone else to first comment. Because I recognise sooner or later it’ll lead a few traffic returned to my website online.

Comments are a tremendous manner to build an extraordinary readership and a loyal following for your web site.

Adding Content

Content is king can be a cliched line. But it’s far proper now more so than ever before. There are many greater web sites now than there ever had been earlier than. You call a gap, any niche and it’s miles certain to be saturated to the hilt with web sites generating content material approximately said niche. WordPress is a totally worthwhile area of interest. Why? 50% of web sites use it and lots of them are new to WP. WordPress beginners or even intermediate level users require some sources to assist them get started out up and make modifications to their WordPress web sites, now not too distinct to the content on Colorlib 😉 But a internet site like Colorlib works well and generates sales only whilst we provide price to our readers.

We submit a great wide variety of articles on top rate WordPress topics and must you select to shop for one among them after clicking on our links we get hold of a small fee for your purchase. But truth be advised, our maximum famous and broadly examine articles aren’t the ones that describe top rate WordPress topics or plugins, instead they’re WordPress tutorials and posts committed to unfastened topics, plugins and other WordPress related articles. Because it’s far most effective whilst we provide value to readers that our website grows.

So based in your website online’s niche and your know-how,  you need to provide content material that clearly offers fee to would be readers. If you wish to create your web site in simple terms for monetary functions, it’ll not achieve success ultimately. No wait a minute, it can nevertheless be profitable but simply not as a success as it may have been had you attempted to without a doubt assist your audiences. So awareness on proper content material.

Pick your niche and provide remarkable fee to your readers. And watch your visitors develop progressively and in case you are fortunate, possibly even undergo the roof!

So how do you post your content material on WordPress? What are the codecs to be had to you aside from just plain ol’ textual content?

Posts (Posts > Add New)

The beating heart of your web site or most web sites besides. At the give up of this academic when all’s stated and performed, you’ll be right here to populate your web site with posts. WordPress has a very clean to apply posting mechanism and this one of the reasons, it is so famous.

You have two approaches in which you could write your posts: one is the visible editor and the opposite is HTML editor. You can opt to use the visual editor to begin with, but you should realize the HTML editor (referred to as textual content editor) is a totally powerful tool that will help you create the proper formatting in your posts. The quicker you are snug with the textual content editor, the higher of you’ll be. You can also observe I am the use of the visual editor and truth be advised, as soon as I’ve brought all of the vital formatting I decide on the visible editor.

The visible editor could be very an awful lot much like maximum text editors and permits you to feature ambitious / italic results to your text, exchange its font, upload bulleted lists and numbered lists, align content otherwise and add links. There is likewise a distraction unfastened writing mode which gives you a fullscreen version of the editor.

Categories (Posts > Categories)

Categories are a means to divide your content material. Categories are essential while your website online publishes content on a number of troubles. You can add classes out of your Post editor or you could get entry to it below Posts > Categories.

Now you may name the category to create one and then you could upload a slug which is largely a URL upload on of sorts for all of your website online’s posts on that precise class. For example, if I recognize that Colorlib produces a number of subject matter collection content, I can Google seek “Colorlib + any keyword/class” and the first seek result link is – . With this I can view simplest the posts which have been published below the category, “Collections”.

So it’s far a completely effective manner to divide your website’s content material and make locating stuff in your site much easier for a tourist.

Tags (Posts > Tags)

Tags are very much like categories, except each put up normally has its personal set of tags. Tags are a tad greater particular than categories but that aside they’re the equal and they resource in assisting site visitors locate your content more effortlessly.

Media (Media >Add New)

Media as in pics and films are essential to everyday websites. They are even greater so for media heavy websites. Adding media is simple with WordPress. You can either upload media from Posts or you could upload media without delay to the media library.

You can add the photograph title, a caption, description to the image. But it is also vital you also add the alt text which allows search engines like google and yahoo become aware of your photograph. It is a small step in ensuring accurate seo.

There a variety of outcomes and stuff you can do in your imagery like make it pop up or use a lightbox with WordPress plugins. But that’s for another day.

Your Profile

Setting up your WordPress profile. This is instead smooth to address. You can edit your profile from the “Edit Your Profile” for your WordPress admin display at the pinnacle right hand nook. You can describe your self and upload the necessary social media links as nicely.

And to feature a profile photograph in your WordPress ID, you’ll need to get a Gravatar account. You’ll want an account from with which you can login on your web page’s admin panel.

We have a ways too many inhibitions, beginning stuff is certainly one of them. It opens the door to failure.

Creating the internet site and generating revenue is not any comic story. It is difficult work, once in a while reputedly unrewarding paintings.

Over the following couple of weeks and months, we’ll be launching our “Getting Started With WordPress” put up series that will help you out.

And apart from that if you need anything else, do allow us to realize in the feedback underneath! Aigars and I will usually be glad to help you out 🙂

Disclosure: This web page contains external associate hyperlinks that can result in us receiving a fee in case you choose to purchase cited product. The opinions on this web page are our personal and we do not receive additional bonus for wonderful evaluations.

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