A Way To Construct A Internet Site

Learn the way to create a quick and exquisite responsive internet site with a view to paintings on all gadgets,

PC, laptop, pill, and get in touch with.

Create a Website with a CSS Framework


There is a Crash Course for constructing the above internet site.

A “Layout Draft”

It is usually clever to attract a layout draft of the web page design before constructing a internet site.

Having a “Layout Draft” will make it a lot easier to create a website:

Navigation bar

The Band

Description of the band

Description of the band

Description of the band


Doctype, Meta Tags, and CSS

The doctype have to outline the web page as an HTML5 document:

A meta tag ought to outline the character set to be UTF-eight:

A viewport meta tag have to make the internet site paintings on all gadgets and display screen resolutions:

W3.CSS need to contend with all our styling wishes and all device and browser differences:

To study greater approximately styling with W3.CSS, please visit ourW3.CSS Tutorial.

Our first empty net web page will look similar to this:

Note: If you need to create a website from scratch, with out the assist of a CSS framework, examine our

How To Make a Website Tutorial.

Creating Page Content

Inside the detail of our internet site we can use our “Layout Picture”and create:

A navigation barA slide showA headerSome sections and articlesA footer

Semantic Elements

HTML5 brought several new semantic elements. Semantic factors areimportant to use because they outline thestructure of net pages and helps screen readers andsearch engines to study the web page efficaciously.

These are a number of the most not unusual semantic HTML factors:

The detail may be used to define a part of awebsite with related content.


element can be used to outline anindividual piece of content material.


element may be used to define a header(in a report, asection, or an article).


detail can be used to define a footer(in a record, a phase, or an article).


Try it Yourself »

The w3-justify magnificence justifies the textual content’s proper and leftmargins.

Then create a or

with an


about each band-member:













Try it Yourself »


Finally we can use a


to create a footer:


   Powered by w3.css 

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The fa fa instructions are Font Awesome Icon lessons.

To use those training you should link to a Font Awesome library:

To learn extra about the usage of icons, please go to ourIcons Tutorial.

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