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Wondering what kind of internet site you ought to create nowadays? After surveying over three hundred+ people in the span of 6 months through telephone, on-line, man or woman-to-character and email, I’ve come up with a hundred most creative ideas for a website, that the average character may want to make! I say average man or woman due to the fact all of these precise thoughts for a website can be began proper now, without having to make investments a variety of cash, or rent expensive specialists.

If you’re questioning what sort of website you need to make, I endorse you browse thru this listing of a hundred website ideas and tips!

Future Developers: Do you want to discover ways to code a internet site from scratch? I own a internet site that teaches you how to code with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Go there and take a look at it out: www.WebCodeCentral.comHow Would I Start A Website?

Great query! First, I assume you need to study some of these thoughts so that you can get a experience for what type of internet site you’d like. This is the primary factor I did when I changed into first thinking about my website.

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My Story: My first actual website become a “video” type website wherein I would give tutorials and guidelines on making motion pictures. It changed into fun because I had the danger to percentage some newbie motion pictures and I found out loads from it too!

a hundred “Original” Ideas For A Website Theme:

After you browse thru this list, I’ll have a few helpful links for you at the lowest. But the primary aspect to do is have an idea.

Personal Blog: Write about whatever and everything for your life, for fun.

Your Own Company Website: Create a website on your small commercial enterprise and sell it thru social media.

How-To-Do-Something website: Where you show humans how to do something via a blog, like how to code a website.

Review site: Dedicate your weblog on reviewing things, and turn out to be an Amazon associate to receives a commission at the same time as doing it!

Adventure blog: Where you report all of your adventures of warm air ballooning, sky-diving and browsing. Buy a Go-Pro Camera.

Niche Site: Choose a centered topic and best write approximately that everyday. This is what this site is!

Online Portfolio: Of your illustrations, designs, or different unique expertise(s).

Game Development Blog: Create a blog on making games and the improvement manner. Get followers and loyal fanatics.

Painting / Art internet site: Sell your artwork to your personal internet site that’s connected to Paypal. Sell virtual copies for cheap.

Frugal Website: How to store money as a university student, unmarried mother or simply show others how you may get wealthy by way of not shopping for some thing.

Time-lapse Drawing website: Video time-lapse of you drawing a man or woman with upbeat tune. Sell your Artwork.

Video Game Website: Upload motion pictures of your display screen at the same time as you play your favorite game and collect a following in your YouTube / website.

Dream Interpretation Website: Create a website and allow others publish their goals, so you can interpret them. Start a magazine yourself.

Dancing site: Talk about dancing on your weblog and feature snap shots, videos and tutorials on the way to dance.

Ask A Question Blog: Allow human beings to invite you something, and solution them returned.

Weight Loss weblog: Document yourself losing weight and record the whole thing which you do. Make a difference.

Scrap booking internet site: Show off your scrap booking competencies to your own weblog and educate others a way to do the same!

Wedding Couples Site: Dedicate a domain on you and your loved one with pix and sweet momentos.

Spin Online Class: Where you encourage others to spin with you while they watch your pre-recorded motion pictures!

“Best of” Website: Write about the quality of the entirety.

Playing Cards Collection Site: Dedicate a internet site on shopping for, selling and buying and selling your favored cards, whether or not it’s Magic: The accumulating or Baseball cards from the eighty’s.

Career Guides: Be a guru and teach others a way to be a professional in a subject! Hint: Sell an eBook.

Educational Sites For Kids: Create an E-Learning website online for children.

Infographic Website: Create precise and useful virtual infographs and post as a weblog publish.

Singing Lessons internet site: Setup a singing your coronary heart out internet site and provide making a song training to your loyal fans.

Polls and Surveys Website: Create a site with surveys and polls to study others.

Cheat Sheet Blog: Teach people how to skip some thing, like an examination.

Walk w/Me internet site: Start a Walk with me web page in which you log your taking walks routes, and ask others to do the equal.

Product and Services Comparison Site: Talk approximately and evaluate two similar products or services. And get companies to pay you to check them!

Resource List Site: Create a site full of sources to different matters. Gain huge traffic and rank high in search engines like google.

Origami Website: Where you show step-by way of-step pix of your process. Sell an eBook on Origami making!

Company History Site: Talk about the records of organizations and how they came to be.

Troubleshooting Site: Pick a topic and end up an professional at that, helping others hassle shoot their problems.

Fashion Blog: Write approximately popular fashion styles and suggestions, and upload films showing it off.

MMA forum: Create a WordPress powered forum about MMA and invite friends to sign up for in at the conversation!

Poems Website: Write your unique and compelling poems online, and percentage with others your passions.

Personal Music Website: Start spreading the word about your musical abilties and display off your mad abilties!

Donation internet site: Make up an interesting story and ask human beings to donate.

Experimental Site: Create a internet site where you use your self as a human experiment, after which file all of it.

MLM Website: Become an MLM guru and recruit others on-line, through advertising and marketing funnel.

Play The Guitar Site: Make movies and train others a way to play the guitar.

Get Rich Quick Site: Where you try and get money from humans. I’m positive it works.

Stamp accumulating internet site: Show off images of old and vintage stamps.

What Would You Do Website: Where you create hypothetical situations and ask readers, what could they do?

Roadkill Site: Take photos of roadkill and upload them for your site. People will love it or hate it.

Celebrity Site: Dedicate a blog on a certain celeb and stalk them on line. Follow their every pass and blog approximately it. Gain many followers.

Politics Website: Create a website to your political beliefs.

Zorbing internet site: Teach others the art of zorbing and add humorous movies.

You Deserve It Website: Create a website wherein others can inform testimonies approximately getting revenge.

Retro Website: Create a unfashionable web page with scrolling marquees, snowflakes falling and mouse trails.

Food Diaries Site: Eat food, video tape, evaluation and do it once more.

New Ideas Blog: About creative ideas that others can endorse and remark.

Learn a Foreign Language Website: Learn how to speak a new language and write approximately it! Show others your struggles, what enables you and your studying method.

Self-Help blog: Encourage and inspire others with a self-assist blog.

Top 100 Blog: Create a weblog committed to the top 100 of a positive difficulty(s).

Please Don’t Hack My Site Blog: Create a domain asking hackers to not hack it.

Fishing website online: Tips and tricks on a way to fish in your area, and add viral movies of you fishing.

Save The World Blog: Write about saving the world and world peace.

Catfish Blog: Pretend you’re a younger attractive girl however then when a few guy comes to fulfill you, you’re definitely an older mom.

Cat Lovers Website: Blog about cats and proportion funny pix to your website. Try cats licking each other.

Compilation Blog: Create a site that compiles everything of a positive area of interest. It will be videos, pictures and sound clips.

Long-Distance Site: Tips and hints on retaining a dating fresh even at long distances.

Hiking blog: Capture the pleasure of hiking and lower back-packing in a non-edited video weblog, while you’re at the cross!

Hash Tag Website: Create a domain in which you’re making the entirety a hashtag, and probably get Penguined by way of Google.

Meme Site: Collect pics of memes and post it to your blog.

Dating Tips Website: Give guidelines on dating and a way to meet human beings on-line and in the actual world! I’ve in my opinion tried this, it’s fun.

Online Marketing Blog: Make a domain and teach others to achieve success with net advertising. You probably need to achieve success yourself, first.

FanFiction Blog: Write made-up tales of your favorite films and books.

Paint-balling website: Put a Go-Pro for your head and document films of you paint-balling. Upload to YouTube and embed on your personal internet site.

Split Personality Blog: Write as in case you were someone else, and benefit a fan base!

Research Blog: Do essential research on a certain issue and go in depth at the scenario.

Am I Cute Blog: Post photos of yourself and ask humans to fee you.

White Water Rafting Photo Album: Create a fun photo weblog for your white water journey rafting and create a Facebook fanpage.

It’s a Long Story Blog: Write a unique and post it as a chain or chapters in your personal blog.

Photo Bombing Blog: Take images of you image bombing and weblog approximately it.

Stop Motion Blog: Dedicate a blog on forestall motion pictures, and objects dancing to Gangnam Style.

How to Gain Weight: A opposite website about gaining weight and assisting others do the identical.

Gold Digger Website: Make a site approximately a way to gold dig, and lie to the opposite intercourse and get wealthy.

Cake Pop Site: Make cake pop designs and promote your prepare dinner-book on-line.

The Ex Page: Dedicate a site on your ex lover, and blog approximately all the tousled matters they’ve performed. At your discretion.

Church Website: Create a community online for fellow church goers, in the event that they don’t have already got a website.

Copycat website: I needed to throw this in – reproduction some other website’s concept and make it your very own (I don’t imply literally copying content material due to the fact you will get in problem for that!).

Dinner-tainment Blog: Become a dinner making gadget and add snap shots in your new creations!

Confessions Forum: Create a WordPress powered forum that lets in customers to make confessions on-line, and have others reply.

Highly Debatable Website: Create a domain that usually takes the opposite side, and play the satan’s endorse.

Color Blind internet site: A web site that assessments your coloration blindness.

Advertisement Site: Sell area in your website simply to advertise. I don’t suggest this though, by way of itself.

Meditation website: Where you have your personal meditation podcast and a blog on pointers to a better thoughts.

The Nothing Website: Make a domain about nothing and simply depart it clean.

Choose your destiny Blog: Create a weblog where you provide the reader exceptional paths on the cease of every web page. A extraordinary outcome whenever they play and study!

News Website: Capture the modern news first, and percentage with social media sites! Gain traffic and turn out to be a journalist for your very own.

Star Gazing Website: Offer your galactic recommendation on the stars and universe via photographs and a weblog.

Quotes Website: Create authentic and inspirational charges, and percentage on social media networks.

Family Tree Site: Make your own family tree and share with your entire circle of relatives.

Holiday Website: Create a site for all of the holidays and promote eCards all through those seasons.

Long Bow Tips: Make a site committed to a way to use a protracted bow, taking pictures techniques and video tutorials.

Zombie Website: All approximately Zombies; Zombie indicates, movies, books and podcasts. Reviews and quizzes.

Sports Blog: All approximately your preferred matters about sports.

Online Web Store: Why not promote something or a provider you offer?

And sooner or later, create a internet site on making a website! Like this website. It’s amusing, and you may learn as you cross. Plus you can link again to me or write a visitor submit here to link lower back to your personal website about making web sites!

Funny Clips Website(By AyeshaMalik): How about a domain together with your favourite vine, instagram, YouTube or unique funny videos?What’s Next?

There are literally a zillion ideas on what internet site to make. Even the silliest ones, ought to doubtlessly e a splendid idea.

First off, in case you haven’t already, take a look at out my a way to make a website one zero one page. Here you may locate my grasp plan for you, so that you could make the maximum out of your website.

Second, You’re going to need to think of an awesome domain call that isn’t already taken. Here’s some suggestions on selecting an amazing area name.

Third, stable that domain name and begin your internet site! I’ll have a video tutorial on the way to speedy buy a website name and web hosting carrier soon.

Good success, and consider, I’m here to reply any of your questions, concerns, or whatever. This is what I do, assist humans with the web!

– Mark Ammay

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